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Chasing Success vs Building a Life: Why You Need More than Just Achievements

What do you define as success?


"Success." That's the golden word, isn't it? We've been told our entire lives that we need to chase it—get the perfect job, buy the ideal house, and fill our lives with tangible markers of achievement. Yet, many find that despite reaching these milestones, something still feels amiss. If you've been chasing the American Dream only to feel empty at the finish line, you're not alone. You may be chasing success, but have you stopped to think about building a life?

The Siren Song of Success

We live in a society that reveres achievement. We're often told that "more is better," and it’s easy to get sucked into the notion that higher positions, fancier titles, and bigger bank accounts define our worth. I get it. I climbed that ladder, one rung after another, until I realized the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.

Shifting Perspectives

The question is: what happens when you reach the pinnacle and realize you're standing on an empty summit? This very thought led me to explore spirituality and seek something more meaningful. The revelations were life-changing. Why you need a spiritual coach can guide you through a similar transformative journey.

Following The Thread of the Veil

In my venture into spirituality, I began by "following the thread of the veil"—a term I use to describe being led by the spirit. Through this journey, I was led to people who were also seeking a more fulfilling path. And it led me to you, reader. You're not here by accident; you're here because you're also being led by something greater.

What Really Matters

Have you ever wondered why so many successful people speak about the importance of balance, of having a personal life rich in love, purpose, and spiritual well-being? Elon Musk, who revolutionized multiple industries, still emphasizes the value of pondering bigger existential questions. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, speaks candidly about the role of compassion and authentic leadership in her life. These aren't fluffy sentiments; these are life philosophies of people who have climbed to the top yet continue to seek a higher summit.

Inner Success: A Different Paradigm

I started Nomad Wellness and Life Coaching not just to guide people to outward success but to help them craft a life imbued with inner riches. Think of it as laying the bricks for a well-rounded, spiritually fulfilling life. Have you asked yourself what you truly yearn for? Not what society tells you to want, but what you, in the quietude of your heart, really desire? If not, it’s time to start, and my eBook "The North Star" can be the beginning of your soulful journey.

Finding the Balance

That said, there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting a good job, a nice home, or a comfortable lifestyle. The problem arises when these desires become our only focus, blinding us to the spiritual nourishment we also need. True success, the kind that fills you up from the inside, comes when you're able to balance material achievement with spiritual fulfillment.

Wondering how to find this balance? What if I told you that you could have both success and a fulfilling life? I’m talking about a life brimming with purpose, passion, and a profound sense of peace. Sounds impossible? It’s not. It's entirely achievable, and I'm here to guide you in intertwining the spiritual and the material, the ethereal and the tangible. A spiritual coach could be the guiding light you've been searching for. If you've never considered one, you might want to read my article on why you need a spiritual coach.

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